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The Secret Spot

no, not that one.

I’ve heard a lot of stories about “Secret Spots” in my day. Usually they involve some sort of secret location that, if located, can provide for ample amounts of unadulterated pleasure. A lot of times these so called spots don’t actually exist, or lost their secret status ages long ago as guide book writers became more adept at blowing up the spot.

When I was told by my new Australian friends that they would be showing me a Secret Spot, I was unsure what to expect. In my mind I figured it probably involved some kind of beach, as most of our days seem to include that feature in some shape or form. But all I knew was that we would be leaving at 8 a.m, and that there was some sort of trekking involved.

After driving for only about 10 minutes from the house that I had stayed at the night before, we arrived at a barbed wire equipped chain link fence with multiple signs of various threat levels. “You are trespassing on private property”, “Danger”, “Death and misfortune ahead.” Well, I made up that last one, but you get the gist. We would never actually enter the rusted gates, just hike around them. After about a 10 minute walk through some overgrown brush, we emerged into my first taste of what was ahead.


We would scale down the rock wall, and several bumps, bruises, and scratches later we came up on our final destination. I don’t think any pictures can really do it justice, but here is my attempt:


Boats passed by often, and with the waves slamming against the rocks, they could only watch and wonder “How the hell did they get there??” After about 3 hours of trekking and swimming, I finally saw other people who were not in our group. Two other people in three hours. As everyone in our group continued to float around and have inspired conversations such as “Did you know there are guys born with two functional penises?” and “when am I supposed to feel like an adult?”, in my mind all I could think about was how lucky I am to have had a chance to see one of what is becoming an increasingly fleeting “Secret Spot.”

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It's nice to know locals

Wandering through an aquarium in Manly, I notice a window to my right showing all kinds of different sea life. Fish, large turtles, mermaids and Mermen…wait…what?
This was the view through the glass:


A mermaid and Merman swimming around with the other sealife. Hmm, the Merman sure looks familiar…


There are certain perks to knowing people who are well connected in a city. For example, the mermaid show in Manly. I don’t think I would ever go watch something like this, but the chance to go after hours and swim in the tank with the animals in an awkward flipper suit? Oh hell ya. Emasculating? Perhaps. Crazy fun? Absolutely.

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